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Camera Retrofit
  • Works and looks exactly like a factory-installed cam
  • Consists entirely of genuine BMW parts
  • Produces a high-quality image
  • Easily integrated into the trunk handle
  • Allows to zoom in on the trailer hitch to neatly drive up to the right spot
  • Supports Dynamic Parking Lines and Obstacle Marking
  • 360 degree Surround View camera system available as an optional add-on
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If you want to stay completely true to BMW even

If you want to stay completely true to BMW even

If you want to stay completely true to BMW even in your aftermarket choices, we’re always happy to give you the options you're looking for. With our Rear View Camera (OEM), you get the same park assist upgrade that BMW offers and installs at the factory.

Due to the OEM origin, the kit perfectly integrates into the bodywork of your car as well as your iDrive system. What’s more, this BMW backup camera produces the highest picture quality on the market. But these are not the only features that make it stand out.

Our Rear View Camera (OEM) is the only park assist retrofit compatible with Surround View, that provides 360 degree visibility, and Trailer Hitch mode. The latter makes it possible to change the angle of the camera and see the trailer hitch while backing up.

In addition, the wide-angle lens shows you a detailed, full-color and perspective-corrected view of every obstacle behind your car, making parking safe and easy.

To take advantage of all this kit’s features, your vehicle must be equipped with the Park Distance Control system (PDC) and iDrive with Navigation Professional.


The way this BMW rear view camera

The installation instructions appear in the personal account within 72 hours after the purchased product is shipped. They are created and customized for each specific model. But in case of any additional questions, our technical support is always ready to help.

The process itself consists of 2 main steps:

  1. Fully plug & play installation (takes up to 3–4h)
  2. Activation coding (after the installation is finished, it is necessary to schedule a remote coding session with a BimmerTech technician)

The kit includes all parts necessary for a complete installation:

  • Trunk lid–mounted camera
  • Camera module
  • Wiring harness
  • Coding interface

The way this BMW rear view camera is mounted is completely lease-friendly as there are no permanent modifications needed.

The way this BMW rear view camera


Max horizontal viewing angle
130 °
Max vertical viewing angle
10 °
Image processing speed
150 MBit/s
Operating temperatures
-40–80°C (-40–176°F)


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