BMW Anti-Theft Alarm System

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BMW Anti-Theft Alarm System
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Leaving your car either on a public parking lot or on your driveway just outside your house doesn’t ensure that your car will be safe and sound when you return. But you can always achieve that peace of mind by upgrading your BMW with an OEM Anti-Theft Alarm System.

This BMW original alarm retrofit is a good way to secure your car from theft or break in. It covers the exterior locks as well as the interior space with the help of the motion sensor installed in the door pillars. It draws attention to any attempted break ins by turning on the built-in siren and hazard warning lights.

The alarm goes off if:

  • the door, hood or trunk is opened without the right key or remote control;

  • there is movement inside the locked car with the motion sensors armed;

  • the power supply is disconnected;

  • the car is lifted.

The alarm system is very easy to operate using the remote key fob. What’s more, when arming the alarm, you have the option of activating the interior motion sensors (by pressing the locking key on the control once) or leaving them off (by pressing the locking key twice) in case you wish to leave passengers or pets in the car.


The installation instructions appear in the personal account within 72 hours after the purchased product is shipped. They are created and customized for each specific model. But in case of any additional questions, our technical support is always ready to help.

The process itself consists of 2 main steps:

  1. Fully plug & play installation (takes up to 3–4h)

  2. Activation coding (after the installation is finished, it is necessary to schedule a remote coding session with a BimmerTech technician)

The kit includes all parts necessary for a complete installation:

  • Motion sensors

  • Wiring harness

  • Coding interface

This retrofit is absolutely lease-friendly. The installation doesn’t require any permanent modifications to the exterior or interior of your car.


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